Meet Ashley

Ashley Smith’s mission is to help others turn their ashes into life by breathing the word of God into every situation and occasion, sharing the love of Jesus Christ and teaching others how to apply the word of God to their lives in a practical way. Though baptized at the age of 11, it wasn’t until she was 26 that she formed a personal relationship with Him. Within that connection, she blossomed into the virtuous woman she is today. She fulfills her passion of helping others achieve their goals as the founder of Ashes 2 Life, LLC, specializing in digital                     


She is the author of the bestseller "A Work in Progress: Exploring Biblical Perspectives on Marriage, Divorce and Singleness", in which she offers women practical, biblical advice on marriage, divorce and singleness. This book teaches you how to recognize unhealthy unions while also establishing a relationship with God that is deeper than you ever thought possible. The scriptural truths, personal insights, and refreshing take on being single and married makes her book both relevant and timeless.


She is also the author of the best-selling book, "From Mother With Love: Letters To Our Sons", a collaborative work from eight different women sharing heartfelt words on life issues with their sons. The letters focus on love, marriage, dating, identity, family, health, and education. These letters communicate the love and wisdom that only a mother can express. The most powerful aspects of the book are the prayers that each mother included in their chapter. 


In her own words "I'm a nobody without Christ." But with Him, she is a servant-minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, a mother, an entrepreneur, and a woman after God's own heart.